Addition mad of structural insulated panels
By measuring the actual energy loss in two identical homes - one built with sips and the other built with conventional stud and batt walls - Dr. Tony Shaw came to a number of revealing conclusions:

Side-by-Side Study Proves SIPs Advantage

Brock University Study Quantifies Superior Thermal Performance of SIPs
1. The 2x6 wall stud wall had 68% more air leakage than the Structural Insulated Panel wall.

2. The R-19 fiberglass insulation performed at an equivalent R-4 When the outdoor temperature was -10.5'C (13.1F)

3. The 4" SIP wall house with R-17 EPS insulation maintained its true R-value throughout the duration of the 1 year study.

4. The R-17 EPS SIP wall house used 33% less energy than the R-19 Fiberglass wall house.

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