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Tri-State Building Specialties manufactures Alligator Panels with Magnesium mineral board, the best known inorganic material that is water proof and mold resistant, unlike gypsum (sheet rock). Magnesium has replaced gypsum (sheetrock) in Europe. In Europe, the uses of magnesium range from interior wall covering to exterior walls and roofs to commerical counter tops.
What Makes Our Wall System The Best?
    Magnesium Board - Water and Mold Resistant
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Magnesium is a muti purpose, versatile, non-combustible building material. It is hard, inert and paperless construction panel that has superior characteristics over panels made from gypsum, cement, wood and paper particles. Magnesium is environmentally friendly, fire, moisture, heat, mold resistant construction board that insects and rodents can't feed on. Magnesium also gives you a better impact resistant and higher sound attenuate.
Magnesium Board laminated to Polystyrene insulation
Magnesium Board takes the place of OSB (plywood) and eliminates sheet rock (gypsum)
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Tri-State Building Specialties uses proprietary processes with magnesium compounds to deliver a muti-purpose, versatile, non-combustible Structural Insulated Panel.
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